Eighty One
Ballet San Jose performing Eighty One
Photo by Bob Shomler

Premiered in

11 (5 men, 6 women)

20 minutes

Commissioned by
Ballet San Jose

Restaged on
Ballet San Jose (2015)

This piece is performed live by composer Jakub Ciupinski using his hand gesture controlled technique.

“The 11 dancers moved with extreme precision and unity, legs like swords in grand battements, fiery jumps, or for the women, streams of fluid bourrĂ©es across the stage. Here they looked like automata, until they intersected with the men, creating a jolt of breathtaking fluidity. The piece accelerated, culminating in a gorgeous sculpted tangle of dancers, their bodies stretching upward to the light.”
“Solos merge into synchronized lines like particles of space dust pulled together by gravity. The effect was hypnotic, and the audience surrendered happily.”
“a dazzling theatrical spectacle”
“Lang's piece works as if an intricately designed machine whose interlocking parts keep the place humming yet with few of the anti-humanist implications that such an endeavor might suggest.”

Jakub Ciupinski (Commissioned Score)

Lighting Design
Jim French

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