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LANG:Music + LANG:Dance



1, 3, 4, 6- Morphoses performing Lang:MUSIC + Lang:DANCE.  Dancer: Kanji Segawa. Photo by Kokyat

2- Morphoses performing Lang:MUSIC + Lang:DANCE. Dancers: Misty Copeland and Kanji Segawa. Photo by Kokyat

7: Morphoses performing Lang:MUSIC + Lang:DANCE. Dancers: Laura Feig and Eric Tamm. Photo by Kokyat

5, 8: Morphoses performing Lang:MUSIC + Lang:DANCE. Photo by Kokyat





LANG:Music + LANG:Dance

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang

    Music: David Lang

    Costume Design: Elena Comendador

    Lighting Design: Mary Louise Geiger


    Length: 22 minutes

    Dancers: 10


    Commissioned by The Guggenheim Museum Works and Process and Morphoses


    World Premiere: October 3, 2010 at the Guggenheim Museum

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