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Licensing For Educational Institutions


SUNY Purchase performing Prayers.


University of Arizona performing Among the Stars.


Marymount Manhattan College performing La Belle Danse

The following is a list of ballets that are available for licensing by educational institutions in the United States and around the world. Each piece is set by an accomplished stager who will work closely with the company to guarantee a successful production.

Additional activities can be included in an educational residency.

For any inquiries, please contact Emma Feiwel at WME Agency at

The Gift

American Ballet Theatre Studio Company

Lyric Suite

TITAS Command Performance Gala


Common Thread Dance Company


The Joyce Theater 9/11 commission

Mendelssohn / Incomplete

The Joyce Theater Fellowship

Vivace Motifs

American Ballet Theatre

For Always, Forever

Cincinnati Ballet

A Solo in Nine Parts

Kansas City Ballet

Among the Stars

TITAS Command Performance Gala


University of Richmond

Lines Squared

Richmond Ballet

Solo Bach

Global Dance Theater


The Juilliard School


New York University

La Belle Danse

Richmond Ballet

Matisse in Motion

Dallas Museum of Art


Dallas Black Dance Theater

Touch of Your Voice

Texas Christian University


American Ballet Theatre Studio Company

Waxing and Waning

The Juilliard School

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