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Let Me Sing Forevermore



1-2: Catherine Hurlin and Aran Bell in Let Me Sing Forevermore at The International Competition for The Erik Bruhn Prize. Photos by Karolina Kuras. Photos Courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada.


Video:  Film of Let Me Sing Forevermore, American Ballet Theatre, Dancers Catherine Hurlin and Aran Bell, Directed and Edited by Jessica Lang and Kanji Segawa. Music: Tony Bennett. Filmed in Central Park, NYC, May 2020.

Let Me Sing Forevermore

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang
    Music: Tony Bennett
    Costumes: Bradon McDonald


    Length: 8 minutes

    Number of Dancers: 2


    Originally Commissioned by American Ballet Theatre and created for The International Competition for The Erik Bruhn Prize


    World Premiere March 23, 2019 at The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada


    World Premiere Cast: Catherine Hurlin and Aran Bell

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