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Photos: Courtesy of The Washington Ballet

1: Eun Won Lee and Corey Landolt, Photo by Victoria Pickering

2, 3: Adelaide Clauss and Gian Carlo Perez, Photo by xmb Photography

4: Dancers of The Washington Ballet, Photo by xmb Photography

5: Dancer of The Washignton Ballet, Photo by Victoria Pickering



  • Choreography: Jessica Lang
    Music: Robert Schumann's Symphonic Studies Op. 13
    Costumes: Jillian Lewis

    Lighting: Joseph R. Walls


    Length: 20 minutes

    Number of Dancers: 8


    Commissioned by The Washington Ballet, Artistic Director Julie Kent


    World Premiere October 24, 2019 at the Sydney Harman Hall in Washington, DC.


    World Premiere Cast: Adelaide Clauss, Ayano Kimura, Alex Kramer, Corey Landalt, Eun Won Lee, Lope Lim, Tamako Miyazaki, Gian Carlos Perez

    Pianist Glenn Sales

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