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Shades of Spring


1: Marijana Dominis, Richard House, Arcadian Broad, Ricardo Rhodes. Photo by Frank Atura

2: Lauren Ostrander, Arcadian Broad, Yuki Nonaka, Emelia Perkins in Jessica Lang's  Photo by Frank Atura 

3: Richard House and Ricardo Rhodes. Photo by Steven Pisano

4: Ricardo Rhodes, Marijana Dominis, and Richard House. Photo by Frank Atura

5: Ricardo Rhodes, Marijana Dominis,Richard House, Arcadian Broad. Photo by Steven Pisano

6: Emelia Perkins. Photo by Steven Pisano

7: Marijana Dominis, Richard House, Ricardo Rhodes. Photo by Frank Atura 

8: The Sarasota Ballet. Photo by Frank Atura

Shades of Spring

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang
    Music: Joseph Haydn

    Set Design: Jessica Lang and Roxane Revon

    Visual Art and Projection Design: Roxane Revon

    Costume Design: Jillian Lewis

    Lighting: Aaron Muhl


    Length: 23 minutes

    Number of Dancers: 7


    Commissioned by Sarasota Ballet, Artistic Director Iain Webb


    World Premeire August 16, 2022 at The Joyce Theater, NYC. Cast: Ricardo Rhodes, Richard House, Marijana Dominis, Arcadian Broad, Yuki Nonaka, Emilia Perkins, Lauren Ostrander)

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