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The Calling

Photos: Courtesy of Pacific Northwest Ballet and Jessica Lang Dance


1, 2: Jessica Lang Dance performing The Calling.  Dancer Kana Kimura. Photo: Sharen Bradford

3: Jessica Lang Dance performing The Calling. Dancer Kana Kimura. Photo: Takao Komaru

4: Jessica Lang Dance performing The Calling. Dancer Kana Kimura.

5, 6: Kanji Segawa performing The Calling. Photo 5: Ally Lusher.

6: Pacific Northwest Ballet performing The Calling. Dancer: Carla Körbes. Photo: Angela Sterling

7, 8: Pacific Northwest Ballet performing The Calling. Dancers: Dylan Wald. Photo: Angela Sterling


Video: Filmed at and courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2012. Jessica Lang Dance, Dancer Kana Kimura. 

The Calling

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang

    Music: Trio Mediaeval

    Costume Design: Elena Comendador

    Costume Concept: Jessica Lang

    Lighting Design Adapted by Nicole Pearce


    Length: 4 minutes

    Dancers: 1


    The Calling was created on Kanji Segawa in 2005. Ailey II commissioned and premiered Splendid Isolation II in 2006, for which Lang incorporated The Calling at the beginning of this work. 

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