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This Thing Called Love

Photos: Courtesy of Jessica Lang Dance


1,4,5,7: Jessica Lang Dance performing This Thing Called Love. Photo: Rachel Neville

2,3: Jessica Lang Dance performing This Thing Called Love. Featured dancer: Milan Misko. Photo: Rachel Neville

6: Jessica Lang Dance performing This Thing Called Love. Dancers: Julie Fiorenza and Thomas Ragland. Photo: Rachel Neville

This Thing Called Love

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang
    Music: Tony Bennett
    Set Design: Jessica Lang
    Set Concept: Jessica Lang
    Costume Design: Bradon McDonald
    Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce

    Length: 22 minutes

    Number of Dancers: 9


    This work was originally created for and produced by Jessica Lang Dance and premiered in 2018, commissioned by The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, Director Seth Soloway. Special thanks to Benedetto Arts and RPM Productions for helping make this work possible.


    World Premiere Cast: Patrick Coker, Julie Fiorenza, John Harnage, Eve Jacobs, Kana Kimura,  Milan Misko, Thomas Ragland, Rachel Secrest, Jammie Walker


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