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Touch of Your Voice



1 -2: Jessica Lang Project, 2004 performing Touch Of Your Voice. Photos by Katie Schneider. Dancers: Jen Golonka, Erik Ackert, Anthony Bryant.

3-5: Peridance Contemporary Dance Company. Photos by Steven Pisano. Dancers: Tara Youngman, Mikael Pasini, Amanda Molina, Manish Chauhan, Sadiya Ramos, Gabriel Canepa.

Touch of Your Voice

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang

    Music: Antonio Vivaldi

    Costume Design: Elena Comendador

    Lighting Design: Ted Sullivan

    Poetry: Pablo Neruda


    Length: 7 minutes

    Dancers: 4


    Commissioned by Texas Christian University


    World Premiere:  2004 in Fort Worth, TX

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