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White (film)

Photos: Takao Komaru

1: Dancer: Julie Fiorenza

2: Jessica Lang, Kanji Segawa, Kana Kimura, Hannan Misko

3. Dancers: Kana Kimura, Hannan Misko

4: Dancers: Kanji Segawa, Andrea Weber

5: Jessica Lang, Andrea Weber

6: Dancer: Andrea Weber

7: Dancers: Andrea Weber, Julie Fiorenza, Kanji Segawa

8: Dancers: Kana Kimura, Julie Fiorenza, Hannan Misko


Film: Excerpt from White, created by Jessica Lang and Shinichi Maruyama.

White (film)

  • Choreography: Jessica Lang

    Music: Edvard Grieg
    Costume Design: Elena Comendador
    Collaboration: with Shinichi Maruyama

    Edited by Tetsushi Wakasugi


    Length: 10 minutes

    Dancers: 6


    White was created during Lang's Joyce Theater Residency, 2011.


    World Premiere Cast: Julie Fiorenza, Kana Kimura, David Leventhal, Hannan Misko, Kanji Segawa, Andrea Weber

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